Getting a tattoo!

In about an hour. Still haven’t finished all the details of what I want, but I think he’ll help me with ideas. Just an infinity symbol, but a little jazzy.

I get to go through a slump right now. Bad time of year. Making sure to take my meds. All of them, and not just a handful of days because it’ll squeak me by just cuz I’m lazy and don’t want to get up when I remember to take them. Then I forget. Next day, lather rinse repeat. I’m an idiot. She’s (doc) is going to shit her pants when she sees my lithium levels. I know they are higher than usual. I never take my night pills. Now I am. That’s an increase of 600mg a day, of course my levels read higher now. But now I have to explain my laziness. Bah

tat time

GoodRx is amazing. Amazing. Try it.

My new insurance took their sweet ass time getting the deal done, and now I have to wait 2 weeks for ID cards and information. 2 weeks of no meds. Meds that are expensive. There are 22 monthly pills now. And I dropped two. Even at generic prices – that’s $220 a month minimum. But wait – ajovy is a specialty drug and I have to pay the first $200 a month. I get that’s it’s expensive and doesn’t have a generic yet, but shit. That shot is a God Send. One headache in 2 months. Compare to 3-4 a week. I bought new perfume!! I’ve worn the same shit for 30 years because shopping for new gave me a headache. I bought new cologne for Jay. I LIKE not having a fucking headache. I LIKE being able to go on trips with the different climate NOT giving me fucking headache. I LIKE being able to have a little drinky poo with out instantly getting a fucking headache. So, do I pay the $200? On top of the 220? But wait – I take 2 other specialty drugs. I don’t think they are as expensive but still. I have to have that shot. Let me go make sure they don’t have a program. To keep you hooked on phonics.