Pics of my grandbaby. Just because.

I got to see her and hold her and kiss her and smell her and rock her and rub her head and my ovaries are on fire….

The Moody Kiddos – Ian (Chair), Austin behind him. Savanna next to him, then Carson, then Tyler, then Zach in the maroon jacket.
Me and Emily
GiGi (Me) & Emily & Austin (Baby Daddy)
The most beautiful baby in the world…
Jason (Grandpa) & Emily
I love her facial expressions …
Did I mention I love her expressions?
Many servants.
Starting to smile for real.

Uncle Zach
Pretty baby.
Uncle Tyler

Can’t sleep

Which sucks, because we are taking I A N to children’s mercy this morning for his semi-annual checkup. Somewhere around 8-9 departments in this one visit. Main areas are heart and lungs. I need to know these numbers for my own mental being. He’s sick though, so the visit will probably go right out the window. He was just a little sick a week ago, but he’s getting sicker every few days. Very frustrating as they told us to try and keep him away as long as possible – cause there are sick kids up there, and he could catch something worse. Not sure if he has covid or pneumonia or the flu – but it’s something. Scary. He can’t cough, and the mucus is non stop. Sorry, but that’s our life right now. He has a cough assist machine and a suction machine. Life is real fun right now.

Been getting along swimmingly…

although now that i’ve said that, a mother of God argument will happen. Let’s hope not. I love that sumbitch.

Lewis Capaldi is once again filling my ear buds with sweet sounds. I had laid off the cd for awhile, but i got sucked back in.

I was listening to J A S O N’s new little bluetooth radio thingy last night, and he was playing some country song that said something like – ain’t nothing funny when a soldier cries. I haven’t heard something so fucking sad in all my life. I cried for a long while when I heard that. I know that’s not why I cry, but I still appreciate the honesty of that statement.

New Year’s was spent here at home. We talked all night, and it was nice. We laughed and had fun like we used to. He said he’s working on him, and I said I had noticed.

That shit above was from January.

I thought I had something to say. I thought wrong i guess.