Been getting along swimmingly…

although now that i’ve said that, a mother of God argument will happen. Let’s hope not. I love that sumbitch.

Lewis Capaldi is once again filling my ear buds with sweet sounds. I had laid off the cd for awhile, but i got sucked back in.

I was listening to J A S O N’s new little bluetooth radio thingy last night, and he was playing some country song that said something like – ain’t nothing funny when a soldier cries. I haven’t heard something so fucking sad in all my life. I cried for a long while when I heard that. I know that’s not why I cry, but I still appreciate the honesty of that statement.

New Year’s was spent here at home. We talked all night, and it was nice. We laughed and had fun like we used to. He said he’s working on him, and I said I had noticed.

That shit above was from January.

I thought I had something to say. I thought wrong i guess.

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