Yeah, I’m alive. Sit down, I have some news.

I knew I’d need it someday – that is.

Yuppers – A u s t i n and his girl S a r a h are going to have a little one. And that girl is now his wife and we love her. She’s a young-in, and my son needs his ass kicked, but I can see why he’s with her. She’s been on her own for awhile now, and that grows ya up. Haven’t you missed my butchering of the English Language?

Ok, there’s that news. Guess I don’t have much more. That was pretty much the highlight of my past few years. I’ve been really down, reason why I rarely post. Eyore shouldn’t talk to people while dealing with that dreadful depression. It brings people down.

But, I feel better. I’m going to be a gigi, my marriage is 30+ years old now and still strong, i have a new daughter, my baby daughter graduated from high school yesterday, i got promoted, and i started taking my pills regularly. Bettin the farm it was the pills. Although I have not managed to tell anyone about the baby with out bawling. So that could be helping a teeny bit.

We are saving for a house. I want Ian to have the space he needs for him and his equipment. Just too cramped here. I have toilet paper under the bed and paper towels in the linen closet because there just isn’t any room for anything anymore. We have grown up and out. So, we save. Except shit keeps breaking. Ain’t it always the way.

I’m missed this place. Not sure what to do when the baby comes. Do I move? Do I give this domain up? I’ve had it for 20 years.

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