Decisions Decisions

Jay has been offered two jobs. We are trying to pick the right path.

First job is to stay with the same company, just be promoted up a level. The Boss instead of the business sales guy. Nice chunky raise. Decent benefits. Perks would still stay the same working for same company.

However, his company has been bought twice the past 3 years. And this current owner is HUGE but we’re not sure what direction they’re headed. That’s why he was looking. Jumping from the Titanic. Maybe.

Second job is with a small IT company. They do very nice business. He would manage, so our livelihood wouldn’t be contingent upon him selling. That is awesome. That means a steady paycheck. The same amount each week. Awesome. And, they have bonus. We would average around $3000 every quarter if they stay on the same growth pattern.

Negatives? New company. Small. No insurance. Insurance on the market is high. Then again, I have insurance offered at my work – a government job. It’s not the bestest, but it’s damn close. Yeah, I checked. It would still be half of what we would pay on the marketplace. I prefer the IT company. I like steady money. I’m trying to manage finances with checks that have ranged from 780-7564. We still live as cheap as we can. Couple of those slower months can kill you. Scary times, sometimes. Of course, he’s had 3 awesome months. But how long until it slows again? I hate it. I just hate it. Panic and anxiety at your service.

However, if the Titanic pays what we think it pays, then he wants me to stop working. He said he wants his life/wife back. But he’d be gone all the time – all the time. I almost couldn’t work, as there would be no one here with Ian and Bana from 2am – 9am. No. Just no. Not worth it. I hate sleeping alone.

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