Depression .

Not being able to call the fucking doctor that can help you because you need fucking help to call the doctor. I have the number … now to find it in me to call. I have to switch docs again because I just can’t hack the receptionist anymore. I know that sounds childish, but she’s a hag. A bitch. A loud bitch who refuses to hear me out and just wants to tell me what she doesn’t really know. The doc wasn’t all that anyway. Rip all my meds from me and jack up my lithium – to 1.9 – yeah. For those that know lithium levels – that’s a might bit high. I usually hang around .7 = .6 to 1.2 is the acceptable range. Too high can kill your ass. Idiots. So , I keep searching for someone to simply refill what’s been working for 8 years. THat’s all I want.

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