Got home yesterday afternoon …

Overall, it was nice to get away with just Jay and I. But personally? Maybe i’m just not a hip gal, but I don’t see the thrill of Vegas. We got there at night, walked a bit around Fremont street, and then went to bed. The second day I had a migraine that ruined the entire fucking day. The Entire Day. I puked and slept and moaned the entire day. While Jay sat there, bored. He would run and get me different things to try and kill the headache, but nothing did. It must have finally released its hold in the night, because I woke up pain free. We went to the strip and walked, we talked, we walked, we sat. We walked some more. But it was cold and shitty and windy as a muthertrucker, and we ended up back at the hotel wandering around the casino. We ventured out around Fremont street later. And the next morning we flew out. Short and sweet.

Next time we’ll go to Branson. We are just mellow, walk a bit, let’s have some quiet kind of people. This trip kind of stressed me out. 3 of the 6 elevators were broken, and one of the three remaining ones let you drop an additional 3-4 feet before launching you back up to the door. Fucking terrifying. I almost pissed my pants – the first time. Yeah, I “rode” it twice because my dumbass husband wanted to see if it’d do it again. WTF – I was kind of sucked into it – all the while feeling pure horror. I thought we were going to die.

And yes, it did it again.

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