I hope we know what we’re doing…

The kids are moving in this fall. Together. Both of them. I must be crazy , because they only things i’m worried about are if her parents are going to like us for this, and will I flip my shit when she’s around one day. I don’t seem to mind that my unmarried son and his girlfriend of 6 months are moving in to my basement for probably two years or until they get sick of us. She’s not planning on going home, like anymore. She’s officially moving here. It’s one thing to live in the dorm, it’s another to have an address. She’s made her mind up to be with him. I am over the fucking moon – unless she turns out to be a whackjob, in which case, it’ll be good they’re here – with me. The bigger whackjob. Who could definitely lose her shit if need be. But I don’t think that’s going to be the case. She’s a good girl, and she loves him completely. She is seriously like a girl who found her fairy prince. This is what she acts like – and he acts like he carries a sword on his hip to defend her and treats her like a queen.

I am NOT jealous.

I’ll have someone else to talk to in the house. Someone I like. Now. Dammit. I hope she’s not nuts lol.

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