I realized today that I sound crazed. I’m not.

I’m just … sad.

We’re having a baby shower for Emily in two weeks. I’m very excited and nervous. I’ve pretty much planned it, and if it stinks, it’s my fault. We’re having a family party with his/her friends. A party. A celebration. With presents and games and cupcakes and laughter. I hope laughter. I need to laugh more.

Ok, since you asked. It’s pink and grey elephants. The mama – S a r a h – is into darker colors. I think pink grey and black look awesome together, so that’s sort of the colors for the shower. Not much black, but lots of grey and pink. Elephants. Not sure why. I hope she likes them.

Cause I might have gone a little nutzo. I don’t think so, but everyone else does. Humor me if you have a minute. Am I nuts?

I have this cake – it’s at 2pm so I don’t have to feed anyone, but there will be tons of cupcakes and mints and nuts. The cake is a diaper cake. With elephants.

Isn’t it darling? lol

Then I might have bought this fellow,

To do something like this ….

with 90 of these ….

two dozen grey/metallic balloons, and this …

Not sure if we will use all of this shit, but I’m letting the girls run wild with that idea. The girls being my daughter, and 3 of my daughter in laws, or soon to be daughter in laws. S A R A H is out for now. It’s a surprise. She knows she’s getting a shower, but everything’s a secret.

So they walk in to find elephant sitting on a table, and pink and grey balloons everywhere. I have masks for everyone, a sign about the masks, and a mask for him and her.

but it’ll be white masks with pink feet

We’ll play scavenger hunt while everyone gets here …

WHen everyone gets there, we’ll move on to the real games. Not many, as with 50 people, it’ll be a long shower. First of, there are teams of 5-6 people. People that know each other – whole families, long time friends and their wives, my kids and their SOs – so that everyone feels comfortable and has a good time.

After the scavenger hunt, the winning table gets a handful of hershey kisses (pink wrappers). Sarah will get a small gift – pacifiers, bottles, rattles, nail kits, etc. Next, is a diaper relay. 5 members of your team have to diaper, undiaper, then pass the baby to hte next person. 5 times. Winner gets candy while she gets gift. Then music trivia – songs with baby in the title. let them hear so many seconds and record the title and artist. THen there is a playdough family making contest. Each team will have 4 tubs of playdough, and has to make the best little family – austin and sarah will judge. Then we watch her open presents, while each table designs a onesie. No game on that one, as then people would rush, and i wanted people to take their time with this one.

What else,…. Ok, so I might have bought 8 different baby dolls for the 8 teams playing diaper relay. But I had to. Maybe i had to buy pink tablecloths and napkins and streamers and grey accents as well. i may have bought tiny but not so tiny a little one could choke — pacifiers for cupcake toppers.

Am I crazy? first grandbaby, yeah, but i’d spend it for every damn one of them.

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