I want to post more, I really do.

I just cannot quit this depression. It’s so heavy. I care about nothing. My family. That’s it. No friends left, but at least I have my family. Thank God. My greatest fear is being alone. Forgotten. Hopefully out of 6 kids one of them will remember me.

I’m going to talk to the new doctor about effexor. Migraines, anxiety, depression, hot flashes….. it does a lot. Motherfucker to come off of, if I remember, but so is Abilify, and I munch it down happily every morning. Now I just need to find a doctor. Not so easy, as it turns out.

J A S O N might have landed the job of his dreams and I am over the moon happy for him. I can’t remember if I told him that or not, so I should make a mental note to congratulate him if it works out. He’s been busting his ass our entire marriage, and while this new job won’t be an easy one, it’ll be one of those jobs that doesn’t feel like a job. Wee bit jealous. He deserves it.

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