It was a good day.

Still think of Ian a million times a day, but I’m getting used to it.

Not like I can do anything — but I can love him and make his life worth living.

I read an article today about the number of kiddos born with Downs in certain countries 0% — because they abort at the mention of those two little words – Down Syndrome. I get that life takes a detour when you have a special needs child – trust me, I know. But detours aren’t always bad. They’re how you find out about those special places off the beaten path.

I thought about it all day. Had I been given the option to abort, knowing what I know now about my son, would I have taken that option? Ummmm, no. No amount of time with him will ever be enough, but the time we have is better than never knowing him at all. And miracles happen every day.

I’m sure hoping for one.

I get really tired when I think about what’s to come. So very tired.

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