It’s time to go to bed. And I don’t wanna.

So I ain’t.

Trying to get into the holiday season but like always, money is on the mind.

His bonus was to buy Christmas. And it did, but $1000 of it went to fix my brakes, tires, and sensors. Lovely. Unexpected. Game changer. I have 3 items picked out for everyone, but I only have money for half of them. I could scale down, buy some people were done because I knew exactly what to get them. Now that I have my list complete, the money poofed again. Fucking van. Fuckfuckfucking van. So now I get to whittle away at the list the best I can the next three weeks. Dammit.

BTDT, we’ll get by. If my biggest worry in life was Christmas presents for some older kiddos…..

I found a fucking lump in my breast this morning. Was a fucking accident I found it. I check myself when I think about it. Like never. I have skipped over the last two mammograms. Not my choice, just happened that way. Like tomorrow at 8am I”m supposefd to go the doc for a …. something on my face. It’s changing colors and scabbing over and leaking BUt now the doc wants me to have mammogram at 8am. Can’t have both so I guess I’ll make sure the Girls are ok before i worry about my face. If you pray, send a quick one up that either I’m stupid and it’s not a lump or that if it is something, it’s still nothing. We need some stability for a change. And good news for once. Please.

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