Look at me posting almost every day…

Someone get me a cookie. Who gives a fuck?

I was thinking of something the other day. Some of my favorite experiences are ones that immediately follow some horrible stuff. Literally, like the 1-2 seconds IMMEDIATELY following the horrible shit.

Like when you have a hair in your eye. It’s fucking awful. Your eye is a pussy – it no likey foreign objects. But when you finally snag that hair, that sensation you feel when it leaves the surface of your eye? That’s Heavenly. In that moment – all is right with the world. Nothing else fucking mattered when that hair was blurring up your vision – but as you pull it out of your eye, whammo – instant Zen. A big sigh. A cheer maybe. A foul language laced flippant comment to no one in particular – such as “Dammit, it’s about fucking time”. Maybe it’s more than that. Like when the dilauded literally melts the migraine away in an instant – bringing non-pain rushing to the forefront where MOTHER FUCKING PAIN PAIN PAIN had been in charge. One moment pain, and then very next second – bliss. Shoulders finally relax, eyes can see completely now whereas eye slits were filtering out light before, and all at once you realize you would have that shot injector person’s baby for taking your pain away.

All this to say that maybe that’s the reason people cut. Or fuck with that sore tooth because it’s a ‘good’ pain. Maybe it’s not – maybe our brains release some good drugs in celebration for the absence of pain or discomfort, and I push my tongue into that tooth constantly in order to create that chemical appreciation. Give me some dopamine bitches. Not me, I take enough. heh

What else was on my mind earlier? I had several things I wanted to get out but of course I can’t remember the rest. Oh well.

I noticed that grass is turning green. I saw a robin yesterday. I’ve seen the sun 3 days in a row. The trees have buds on them. Spring is finally on the way.

It’s about fucking time.

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