My children are all coming home tomorrow.

Each one of the older boys decided with their wives/fianc├ęs/girlfriends that they would spend Thanksgiving with HER family and Christmas with HIS family. That was fine by us – till Thanksgiving. Starting out sort of sad just the four of us, but we started cleaning out closets and rearranging furniture and decided to put up the tree and decorate and the mood lifted. We agreed that we were just thankful to be together. Thankful that we’re going to have everyone for Christmas. Thankful that baby Emily will be here soon. Thankful we were all relatively healthy. Thankful we’ve managed to keep covid out of Ian’s life. Thankful for bonus checks that pay for Christmas for a large family. Thankful our biggest bitch yesterday was having “only” two kids at home. Some people have none. Never had any.

I just got off work. Yeah. I think they’re trying to kill me. 12 hour days get old. I’m old. Old and tired. But when I get there, I feel alive. I run for 12 hours straight. I break once for 30 minutes, and then I’m off again. But when I get home? Egads. My body reminds me that I am almost 50. eYuck.

My husband wants to rent a cabin – a large cabin or several small cabins with a central lodge. He wants to do this at Christmas next year. And every year after that until we can afford our own cabin. He wants to spend Friday night through Sunday afternoon there. Whole family. Us and my mom and my sister’s family. Everyone together. Egads. Only two nights though. We did it before in Florida. Rented a large house in Orlando for all of us. Now we want to rent a large cabin. I saw one while browsing through different sites my future daughter in law gave me for their wedding. Now I can’t remember where the fuck it was. It’d have to be close as I wouldn’t have the time off. I’d work Fri, Sat nights. Maybe I’d be on days again by then, but I would still have to slip out from 3am to 11am on Saturday – which would be “Christmas morning”. Fri night everyone would get there and it would be Christmas eve. Decorate a tree and play games. We love pictionary and that nasty one with the black box. Hilarious. I always win. Cause I’m nasty.

Anyfucking way. We would wake up Saturday morning and open presents. Only I won’t be there. Sad face. Totally. So, they told they would have a pancake breakfast and make the kids wait until I got there about noon. THen SUnday we would have brunch and everyone would go home. I think it sounds great. Now to find somewhere that won’t cost me a retirement.

Gawd I should be in bed. Just hate to say goodbye to the day. I’m still sitting here enjoying my Saturday evening after work, and you sleeping peeps are almost 4 hours in to your next day. I’lll wake up around 9am, and that suits me fine. I have never slept this late in my life. But i Just gogogogo. I can’t think that way. And I hate thinking.

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