Getting a tattoo!

In about an hour. Still haven’t finished all the details of what I want, but I think he’ll help me with ideas. Just an infinity symbol, but a little jazzy.

I get to go through a slump right now. Bad time of year. Making sure to take my meds. All of them, and not just a handful of days because it’ll squeak me by just cuz I’m lazy and don’t want to get up when I remember to take them. Then I forget. Next day, lather rinse repeat. I’m an idiot. She’s (doc) is going to shit her pants when she sees my lithium levels. I know they are higher than usual. I never take my night pills. Now I am. That’s an increase of 600mg a day, of course my levels read higher now. But now I have to explain my laziness. Bah

tat time

2 thoughts on “Whoohooo!”

  1. Yes! Hope you will share photos of your new artwork. I waited until I turned 50 last year to get sleeves like I had always wanted. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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